We are committed to preserving the secrecy and confidentiality of Private Information that is provided to our users. Our policies, guidelines, and procedures promote this commitment to maintaining Personal Information. In this Privacy Policy, we have used the term “User” to admit any individual who enters and utilizes any of the services that we provide.

For using our featured services, we ask some information and personal details of our users. The type of details that we ask for depends on the kind of service that the user needs. As we want to provide the best service, relevant product, and satisfactory content to our users, in this regard we ask them for their pieces of information. 

Whenever a user creates an account with us, we collect the name, surname, email id, phone number, and address of the user. As they use our service we get to know their address, location, likes, dislikes, etc. We guarantee our users that the data we are collecting from them is secured and confidential. The data that they share with us is limited to us and we do not sell them to any third party. The details that we are asking from our users is just to create and manage their respective account. These data will help our users to get the customer support that they will require in case they met with any sort of issues during surfing time. It will help our team to contact you, respond to you, and revert to you as soon as possible. It is helpful for us to know about our service through you and improve ourselves.

The only case we provide your data is when it is required by the law.

Consumer law may challenge us and our service providers to disclose your information in the following matters: 

(i) When essential to comply with legal procedures such as a court order, summons or search warrant, government inquiry, or any other legal requirements.

(ii) Necessary for prevention or detection of an offense (in all cases under applicable law).

Apart from this we never share your data in any circumstances. If we want to share your data then we will ask you before sharing it with a third party. Also, we will be providing you a clear reason that why we want to share your data.