The best WordPress theme for beginners

Hello Guys, a question that always comes up, what do we do next after domain and hosting shopping? So this WordPress theme is a very important factor for any website. Before proceeding, you must pay attention to some things.

Best wordpress themes for

The first thing do you know about cloud server

Do You Know Hosting and Domains

If not, then the below article will be very useful for you.

What is a Cloud server? and Domain and Hosting.

Let me now assume that you have obtained information about both topics. Let us understand the important topic after this. In this article, you will get information about The best WordPress theme for beginners.

So let’s start:-

Best wordpress themes for beginners

WordPress theme:-

The WordPress Theme is the base of your website. Which is provides a good user experience and fast load speed. The WordPress theme greatly affects your site speed. If you don’t use this WordPress theme then in my experience you will be not able to rank and users also don’t like this type of website. And also creates a bad experience for the user.

Fast loading WordPress theme improves your website loading speed and user experience. Now, if you see many such themes are present in the market, it is attractive and user friendly and we are confused about which one to suck, then you do not get upset, I will tell you some good themes which will be very useful for beginners.


The best WordPress theme for beginners:-



If your website is new and you want a very good and responsive theme for WordPress then I would like to suggest you go with GeneratePress. It is a good, fast-loading, lightweight theme. It is available on WordPress. In GeneratePress some features are freely available and if you want to access the extra features then you should buy the premium version of the GeneratePress theme.

  • Customization is easy.
  • Fast load and responsive theme.
  • User friendly and It has some advanced features.


Schema like its name is Attractive, its work is Attractive, you will get many features in it, using which you can make your website attractive. In the schema you get benefits like Ultra SEO features, fast loading time, you can download this theme from MythymShop and use it with some customization.

  • User-friendly and Ultra SEO features available.
  • You can easily optimize the speed.
  • Adsense-ready theme and colors are so much attractive.


This is one of the famous WordPress themes and it has large community of users, You can easily use different types of plugins with this theme. Astra theme is best for the blog’s website, Portfolio, and also a business site.

  • In this theme sidebar and widgets, area are available.
  • You can easily use different types of page builder plugins.
  • This theme is lightweight so you can understand the speed of the theme.


Genesis Theme:-

It is the best WordPress theme for beginners and also experts and it has also a large community of users. You can easily design an attractive and professional website with the help of the Genesis theme.

  • SEO and mobile user friendly
  • It provides the best design.
  • In this theme Available layout options
  • You can Easily optimize the theme.


The Sahifa one of the best themes for WordPress, You can easily customize that what you want. The Sahifa theme mostly used in Blogs, news articles, and other different types of niches. Maximum users like it and It has a higher community of users.

  • This theme is best for the News article and Blogs.
  • It has unlimited sidebars and a color option.
  • If you want to create an affiliate website then go ahead with the Sahifa.


The Jupiter theme is also an attractive and user-friendly theme, You can easily create amazing and different types of websites. It provides fast loading times.

  • It is responsive and user-friendly.
  • If you want to design attractive please go ahead with Jupiter.
  • It has dozens of post types.
  • It has advanced customizing theme options.


There are different types of themes available in the market and are you confused then my suggestion please use the Typology themes.  It is a text-based theme means it is the best article, writer.


  • In the Typology theme, you can easily be optimized the blogs.
  • It is best for the Woo-commerce website.
  • It has a different page layout.
  • Typography options are available.


It is the best WordPress theme which is a very clean and super flexible responsive blogger theme. It is most popular premium theme which has the best collections of sell.

  • You can easily create categorized options.
  • It is best for the project works.
  • You can easily design.


The Enfold is a responsive and multipurpose theme that provides the best opportunity to create the best WordPress website.

  • You can easily choose your favorite color options.
  • Avoid bounce rate of the website.
  • Best for the beginners and they create the best website with just a single click.

Zerif Lite:-

The Zerif Lite is one of the best themes for the business, agency, and personal works. You can easily create a freelancer site with the help of Zerif Lite.

  • It looks like a modern design.
  • It gives minimal flat and modern design.
  • The Zerif Lite is retina-ready and parallax support.
  • You can customize in an easy way.
  • Zerif Lite supports RTL and Translation.

Schema lite:-

As I was told that schema is the best responsive WordPress theme which provides a better view option for your readers and it supports all plugins that you want to install on your websites. Actually, it is a free version of Schema themes. You should try it.

In this theme, you can not access the extra features which are present in the Schema themes.


So guys I think you will get your all queries about The best WordPress theme for beginners. Here if you have any issue about it then, I will surely solve your problem. And I would like to suggest to you that all WordPress themes are good, It’s your choice what you want so please go ahead and choose your favorite themes. And I hope you like my articles.



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