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Onohosting.com vs Alpharapid.com comparison

Onohosting.com vs
Alpharapid.com comparison

Friends, today we will talk about the compare of Alpharapid.com VS
Onohosting.com. These two websites are the cheapest hosting website. Now a
day lots of web hosting companies are competing. There are lots of competition
so in this. some companies are fake and they cheat innocent people. So today
we discuss these two web hosting website whose is provided the best facility?
Whose server is fast? Whose hosting website is the cheapest rate? Whose
hosting plan must be clear and fast? So now let’s know about two these hosting
website and compare of Alpharapid.com VS Onohosting.com. So, let’s start now.


What is Hosting?

Now, first of all, we must know what is hosting? When you create a website or
blog, all its contents such as images, videos, pages, etc. have to be stored in the
server so that other people can access it through the internet. Web hosting is a
type of service that allows us to upload our website to the internet.
For website hosting, we need a powerful server which should always be
connected to the internet so that our website is available to the users 24 hours
without any problems. Since we cannot maintain this type of server ourselves
because its maintenance cost is very high, we resort to web hosting companies
for website hosting. Web hosting companies have their own powerful servers,
technology, and technical staffs. We buy hosting service according to the
monthly or yearly package from them and we get space in their server where we
can easily host our website. So, let’s see what is best?

Company Facilities –

There are some branded companies who cheat people at the name of the brand.
who sell their hosting at a very high rate but they just cheat people at the name of
the brand only. like some big brand on hosting name are Godaddy, Bluehost, big
rock, Onohosting. these all companies just cheap people I will suggest you don’t
buy hosting from these companies. So today, we should talk like this
Alpharapid.com vs onohosting.com. Both these websites provide hosting to users
at a cheap rate and today we will talk to you which is the best hosting for a
blogger, what are the features of these two hostings, what is the benefit, in this
article, we will talk to you today.

Alpharapid provides 7 days free trial for Linux web hosting or any linux reseller hosting.


Compare Between Alpharapid.com vs Onohosting.com

  • Alpharapid use Litespeed technology but onohosting.com don’t provide
    Litespeed technology
  • Having a dynamic ram for upgrading speed
  • 120gb ram and Intel cores processor but Onohosting using only 30gb ram
  • Extra turbo booster 2gb technology but No turbo booster in onohosting
  • High-speed performance WordPress technology while No high-speed
    website optimization software
  • Alpharapid.com are using infinity 360 security while onohosting.com are
    not using any security.
  • Alpharapid.com supports the WordPress, PHP, python but onohosting.com
    support only WordPress, not a PHP or python.
  • Alpharapid.com always up to dating their server while onohosting.com will
    be taken to charge to update their services.
  • Alpharapid.com you anytime cancel applied, but this is not be done in
  • Alpharapid.com does not change its recurring price while onohosting.com
    is anytime changeable after buying.

Some Difficulties On Hosting For New Bloggers

There is some main issue after buying hosting.


  • speed of hosting is very low
  • support helpline is not the good
  • recurrent price is very high
  • Softaculous installer not working
  • every time hosting get down
  • lots of error


These issues face on onohosting.com but the alapharapid.com is the best quality
provide the facility. Hosting performance get down and website rank goes down
that effect on your revenue so because of that don’t buy hosting at the name of
brand if better to take a trial of minimum 5 days of hosting then only buy hosting.
because of that companies reviews and tested whole companies hosting I get a
result to start my own hosting service. I had decided to start my own hosting
service at the name of brand bestsone.

Alpharapid.com use fast SSD disk which helps to improve service better, 125gb
ram makes the website as rocket, 10 core processor make a website like the
wind but onhsoting.com this facility is not provided to blogger. And the
onhsoting.com is costly than Alpharapid.com

Now Alpharapid.com hosting website gives the best performance and adsence
also like its hosted website and it increases the revenue of our clients. Therefore,
its profromane on different-different website speed checker site.

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