Ways to Increase Website Speed with Alpharapid Cloud Hosting

Ways to Increase Website Speed with Alpharapid Cloud Hosting

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Cloud Hosting is for everyone. We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to experience the benefits of cloud hosting. It Increases Website Speed. Therefore, we have made our Cloud Hosting services available at very affordable rates. So that you can increase your Website speed.

Get website speed up to 99-100 score on Google Page Speed.

This helps your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) efforts, which may lead to better ranks in search results. Not to add, if you have an online shop, a better responsive site might enhance sales conversions. we’ll go through LiteSpeed Cache, which is one of the finest and most complete WordPress caching plugins available. Our Cloud Hosting is an all-in-one solution for all websites.

Cloud Hosting PageSpeed Insights
Cloud Hosting PageSpeed Insights

In this blog, you will know how you can increase your website speed. It’s very important if you are running a blog and Ecommerce website.

Simple Setting of Litespeed Cache plugin to Increase Website Speed.

If you are running a blog or eCommerce then just need to follow these settings and Increase Website Speed within a minutes. Follow the process step by step.

Step 1: Buy litespeed Cloud Hosting.

These settings are well tested on the Alpharapid cloud server. So I request you to buy Alpharapid cloud hosting to perform this setting. Cloud hosting is very affordable these days because of Alpharapid. The prices will start from 5$ per month to 40$ per month. It depends upon your requirements.

Alpharapid cloud server Increase Website Speed with Alpharapid Cloud Hosting

Sometimes Alpharapid releases some promo offers then it reduces to 75% of its actual price. It best time to buy Cloud hosting.

Website Speed Optimization

If your whole work is on a WordPress website then it is best to go with LiteSpeed Caches. Because it is a free plugin so lots of extra money you will get saved. It is very simple and Pre installs with Alpharapid Cloud hosting. Let us start our journey on Increase Website Speed WordPress.

Step 2: Activate the LiteSpeed caches plugin and set the general setting.

Activate the LiteSpeed caches plugin and go to the general setting of Litespeed.

In general, setting Activate automatically upgrade and request domain key. Make your if you request for a domain it only works on the Litespeed server. after that scroll down.

After that, you need to on Guest Mode and Guest Optimization. it helps you to improve the website visiting experience for new visitors.

Then just scroll down you will get an option of server IP it is best practice to fill this option. Click on “Check my public IP from DoAPI.us” to get your website and past it on Server IP.

Now save it and go to the cache option.

In the cache, you will scroll down and you get Cache Mobile on this option. It helps to make your website faster with mobile users. After that just scroll up and you will get “Object” click on it.

On object section just need to be on it. It improves caches quality and helps a website to make caches fast. Then save it.

Then go to the Browser section. There you will get Browser Cache on this option and save it.

After that, you had completed all page speed requirements.

Now you go to the CDN option and ON QUIC.cloud CDN so that your website is connected to the Litespeed CDN service. IT improves your website speed. And save it.

Now go to Image optimization. In right-side LiteSpeed menu.

Go to image optimization setting and ON Auto request Cron. And save it.

Hence your all website optimization setting has been done. Now you can check your website speed it get improved.

Website Speed Test After performing LiteSpeed settings.

For testing website speed I will like to prefer Page speed Insights And GTmetrix both are very good and give you the best results.

Increase Website Speed with Alpharapid Cloud Hosting
Increase Website Speed with Alpharapid Cloud Hosting

And if you have a question, “how to increase website speed on mobile” it also gets solved because when you perform all these settings automatically your website speed gets increased.

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