How to install WordPress in the cyber panel?

The requirement for WordPress Installation on CyberPanel

The first step is to form a website within the CyberPanel Dashboard. Within the left sidebar, open the “Websites” menu and click on on the “Create Website” link.

Create a website on CyberPanel

 In the next window, offer the website aspects. The foremost necessary is that the “Domain Name”, that ought to match the domain on that you would like to form a WordPress website. Also, check the “SSL” possibility so our website is secured with a Let’s encode SSL Certificate. Once all the choices area unit is stuffed, click on the “Create Website” button.

List Website and manage option on CyberPanel

On the website page, scroll below and you may notice an area for “Application Installer”. One among them is going to be “WP + LSCache”. Click on it to initiate the WordPress establishment method. 

WordPress + LSCache Application on CyberPanel

In the next window, offer the WordPress admin user and countersign details. You’ll be able to additionally choose the trail to put in WordPress. It’s helpful once you wish to put in WordPress in an exceeding directory like Once providing values for all the choices, click on the “Install Now” button. 

Install WordPress + LSCache on CyberPanel

Verifying the WordPress Installation

WordPress + LSCache is successfully installed

Go to the website ( within the browser and you ought to see the default WordPress home page. Since we tend to put in the SSL Certificate whereas making the website, you may notice the lock within the browser address bar. 


There is n number of ways to put WordPress on a VPS server. CyberPanel helps us in making a website and putting it in WordPress thereon with the assistance of a couple of button clicks.

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